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Study 7 - The Disclosure Of The Seventy Weeks

20 Studies in Bible Prophecy. Study 7 - The Disclosure Of The Seventy Weeks. Daniel 9 has been called "the backbone of prophecy". The understanding of this most important prophecy is essential to a correct appreciation of the divine programme for the ages. Here we have the key to the under-standing of all New Testament prophecy. It is an amazing prophecy, given to Daniel, who was not only a prophet, but a student of prophecy. In the first year of Darius (v1), a fact which shows that the final six chapters of this prophecy are not chronologically arranged, Daniel was studying the Old Testament Scriptures available to him, probably (Jer. 25:9-14 and 29:10-14), when he was stabbed awake by the discovery that the 70 years captivity had well-nigh run its course.