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Desire For Revival

Desire For Revival

by Derek Lindley

Often in times of revival there is an admixture of weeping and joy. In the 1800s, regarding revival the godly minister of St Peter‘s, Dundee, Robert Murray McCheyne said, "It is the duty of all who seek the salvation of souls to long and pray for such solemn times when the arrows shall be sharp to the heart of the King's enemies and our slumbering congregations shall he made to cry out, 'Men and brethren, what shall we do?' When revival came to St Peter‘s the feelings of the people could not be restrained.

There was an awful and breathless stillness pervading the assembly. At times loud sobbing was heard in many parts of the church individuals crying aloud as if pierced through with a dart - I could name many of the humblest, meekest believers who cried out in the church under deep agony."

We mustn't assume that what God does is instantly recognisable as being of God. In our culture we have preconceived ideas of ...



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