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by Tony Pearce

In this month's issue read about the "SIGNS OF THE TIMES".

"Will the Rapture occur in September?"

Prophecy websites are full of articles claiming something big is about in September... 

...We need to be cautious about all this. The rapture occurs at an unknown date and could happen at any time of the year (not just at the time of the Jewish Feast of Trumpets). All too often prophecy teachers have told of dramatic events about to happen on a specific date, deduced from their interpretation of scripture and events, only to be left disappointed and left looking silly after the event passes and nothing significant happens.

"Church of England Synod's sin offering."

"Pope Francis: World Government to save the poor."

"Church of Sweden to require pastors to perform same sex marriages."

"Teacher claiming the Left are brainwashing our children."

"Wild fires rip through southern Europe and North America."

"Tensions surround Qatar and the Gulf States."



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