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Tattoos - A Mark Of The End Times?

Tattoos - A Mark Of The End Times?

by Jon Ikin

"My whole forearm is lucky,” said Matt Banaham, England and Bath rugby star. "Ace of spades, a pin-up lady sitting inside a horseshoe and a lucky dice. The four-leaf clover was my first tattoo. I got it on my eighteenth birthday and it is one of my most sacred ones.” The twenty nine year old winger is just one of many decorated celebrities who sport tattoos these days. David Beckham, Harry Styles, the late Amy Winehouse, you name them, their bodies have become public galleries of tattoo fashion. What once might have been considered tatty is now displayed with pride. "I LOVE BOOZE, SHOES AND BOYS WITH TATTOOS” boasts a girl’s t-shirt. Yes, there is definitely a new perspective on the ancient practise of tattooing. And some prophecy students believe that it could be a mark of the end times, getting people ready for the ultimate tattoo — the Mark of the Beast (Rev. 13:16-18).
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