About Us

About Us

World events are moving rapidly. Every day brings changes and new challenges. The need to know Bible prophecy is greater than ever. The Lord Jesus Christ spoke of the prophecies of Daniel and said, "let the reader understand." (Matt. 24:15). Similarly, Peter said that we would do well to heed Bible prophecy (2 Peter 1:19). Prophetic Witness Movement International (PWMI) exists to promote the Lord's return as a motivation to holiness of life, prayer and evangelism.

The Early History of PWMI

In the parable of the ten virgins, our Lord declared that at midnight a cry came, “Behold, the bridegroom cometh: go ye out to meet him” (Matt. 25: 6). Prior to that awaken­ing shout, all the bridesmaids had slumbered and slept, oblivious to their responsibilities on that nuptial night. For centuries it seemed that the church, like the ten virgins, was comparatively without thought of her heavenly Bridegroom or hope of His Second Advent. Indeed, it was not until the nineteenth century that there was much attention given to this subject. In the last 150 years, however, there has been a deepening interest in eschatology and an increasing belief in the imminence of our Lord’s return. This revival of interest and expectancy (never, of course, completely absent), more­over, received a very great impetus fifty years ago.

What We Believe

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that it is inerrant and infallible, the supreme and ultimate authority in all matters of faith and conduct, understood only through the illumination and teaching of the Holy Spirit.

Ministry Team

In recent years the Movement has moved away from the single leader concept in favour of a ministry team concept. The entire British council has been designated as a ministry team.

All members of the team are available (some more than others) to provide prophetic ministry both in the UK and abroad.

The ministry team is led by the Chairman, Dr Stephen Boreland, Vice Chairman, John Williams and the General Director Rev Colin Le Noury who together form the executive.

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PWMI founder Dr. F. B. Meyer said "The time has almost come it is imperative we should go out without delay and tell others - believers and unbelievers - that the Lord's return is on the threshold of the door. Soon it will be too late". If that was true in 1917, how much more today?