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The Essential Guide to Bible Prophec

The Essential Guide
to Bible Prophecy

Tim LaHaye & Ed Hindson

The whole subject of Bible prophecy together with end time events and of course the return of Christ is a fascinating subject and a great inspirational hope to the christian believer. It is a source of comfort and encouragement as well as a stimulant to both evangelism and holy living.

Unfortunately many Christians are put off studying this great subject because they find the intricate details difficult to understand or because they find the sequence of events confusing. Actually the pre-millennial, pre-tribulation position is the most logical interpretation and sets the sequence of events in the most orderly and understandable way.

To that end, this new book by Reasoning From the Scriptures, Bible teacher Ron Rhodes helps us to understand that sequence of events more clearly. Starting where we are now in the period prior to the Rapture he takes us in a chronological order through the main events of prophecy right up to the Eternal State. The reader should be left in no doubt as to where each event fits into God's prophetic scheme, or how these events relate to each other.

The author's emphasis on the literal interpretation of scripture is welcome and his defining of the relationship between Old and new Testaments, and how their prophecies fit together, is good.

The way in which he deals with all the various judgements set out in the book of Revelation and presents them in an easily readable and understandable style should be welcomed by even the most average reader. We can all benefit from this simplicity and clarity.

I would recommend it for anyone who wants a good overview of prophecy without getting too involved in complicated arguments, and at the same time not too light and basic.


Colin Le Noury
May 2013