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Insights Into Isaiah

Insights Into Isaiah

A series of studies by Tom W. Walker.


Any studies in this magnificent Book suffer because of a twin problem. First, many passages are familiar, frequently quoted and isolated from the Book itself (e.g. chapters 6 and 53; 9:6, etc.). Secondly, the overall picture of the Book is fudged in the thinking of many as it is rarely seen or read as a whole. While this series will of necessity be able only to take a partial view consequent upon the size of the Book and its complexity, a plea must be made for the modern believer to resist the digest type of approach. We need to get into the depths of the whole Book. Three other important considerations also must occupy our thinking.

In the first place, we recognise that the Hebrew prophets were unique. They were men of God, called and set apart. Isaiah is the example par excellence. Samuel's ministry was in part the overture to the great classical symphony of  revelation that was to follow. It moved on in God from Elijah to Malachi over half a millennium of bold, poignant, thrusting, plaintive unfolding of the Divine purpose, culminating in John the Baptist. This truly choral symphony, like Beethoven's, was an Ode to Joy, despite the awful sin of men, but how vastly more sublime the joy of Jehovah than the humanistic, all men are brothers vague hope of Schiller, whose words Beethoven used. Jehovah is supremely Redeemer! Yet the prophets, whether they burst on to the scene and as soon disappeared, like Amos, or whether they engaged in a lengthy, three score and more years of ministry like Isaiah, had in glorious commonality the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They spoke and wrote in a manner revealing their own style and background (compare, for instance, Jeremiah and Daniel, Hosea and Nahum!), but they all prophesied as they were borne along by God the Holy Ghost.



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