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A New Reformation

A New Reformation

by Christians For Truth International

95 Theses on the Situation of the Church and Society Today

Nearly 500 years ago Martin Luther published his 95 Theses which marked the Protestant Reformation.

Today we publish a further 95 Theses in the hope of a New Reformation.

Order of Theses

Call to Repentance.
The Present Situation of Society.
The Failure of the Church.
The Abandoning of the Bible.
The Disintegration of Biblical Teaching About God.
The Disintegration of Biblical Teaching About Jesus Christ.
The Disintegration of Biblical Teaching About Sin and Redemption.
The Invasion of Evil Spirits into the Church.
Holding fast to the Great Commission.
The Question of Believers Leaving the Church.
The Basis for Reformation in the Church.
True and False Unity.
The Renewal of Theology.
Practicing Church Discipline.
The Commission of the Individual Believer.
The Commission of the Church.
The Commission of State and Society.
Looking Ahead.



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