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Round In Circles

Round In Circles

by Samuel T. Carson

To even think of reinventing the wheel would be utter presumption, and yet it is a good thing for us to pause and ask a few questions of ourselves. What are we doing? Where are we headed? Are we, in fact, making any forward movement or are we like the proverbial door on its hinges, always on the move, back and forth, but never really getting anywhere?

The watch on our wrist makes two circuits of the dial every day and the calendar confronts us with a seemingly endless round of mornings and evenings. The seasons too, not to speak of the tides, follow one another in an astonishing circular movement, while astronomers continue to fascinate us with pictures of the planets as, with uncanny regularity, they circle the sun. Could it be that, robotic like, we too are really just going round in circles?

The European Union

Take for instance the European Union....



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