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Dragons, Dinosaurs, and The Bible

Dragons, Dinosaurs, and The Bible

by AB Robertson

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When we talk about DINOSAURS it is amazing to see just how much effort, money, resources and time have been invested by ‘Evolutionary’ Scientist's on this subject. On the other hand, although this subject is very relevant in our secular world, we seldom if ever hear any reference to the subject in the Christian Church.

In fact many Christians are intimidated by the subject of Dinosaurs and the "fact” that they are supposed to have died out millions of years ago. In this study want to show that Dragons and Dinosaurs have existed all over the world  since they were created by God on the fifth or sixth day of creation and that they only died out in fairly recent times.

In the Bible we learn about many animals. However, some of these animals are now extinct in Bible lands, but we have no doubt that they existed. One of those animals no longer living in the wild in Bible Lands is the Lion, but we have no doubt that they existed. The proof of their existence in Bible lands is the same proof that we will use to show that Dinosaurs and Dragons existed all over the earth in human history!


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