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Prophetic Witness - April 2021

The Sacrifice of Christ - The Lamb of God

by Gordon Maclachan

THE CROSS is the central truth of Divine Revelation. twas anticipated in the types, Psalms and prophecies of the Old Testament. It is viewed historically in the Gospels: it is the subject of proclamation in the Acts: it is interpreted in the Epistles, while in the book of Revelation it is seen as the foundation of all the blessedness of the coming eternal ages.

It is necessary, however, to emphasise that the Cross was no after-thought with God, nor was ita hastily arranged provision to meet an unexpected need in the human family. It was part of God's eternal purpose and plan. “in the courts of Trinal Unity’ the plan was formed and in due time the Redeemer came forth, God and Man in one Person to carry out the eternal purpose.

The atonement was emphatically a work wrought within the Godhead - the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit all sharing in the work of redemption. It is the one and sufficient answer to the Divine holiness. for human sin. Without it, the holiness of God would have been for ever unsatisfied and human sin would have known no atonement. It is related to God's love on the one hand and to man’s need on the other. The love of God expressed itself in the death of Christ, for itis written that: "Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures.”

The life of Christ showed His fitness to pay the redemption Price and His resurrection was the evidence that the payment price had been accepted.


The Cry of Forsakenness. Psalm 22:1

This psalm falls into two parts -

Vs. 1-21: “The sufferings of Christ”

Vs. 21-23: “The Glories after these.”

The most bitter ingredient of His cup of suffering, was His being forsaken by God. As the true Sin Offering, He passed under the judgment of God and bore the awful stroke of infinite justice. This is the heart of the Atonement.


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