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Prophetic Witness - April 2020

San Remo - 100 Years On


On the North West Coast of Italy lies the beautiful town of San Remo, a popular holiday resort for Italians and other nationals too.

For those of Jewish heritage, San Remo is more than just a holiday resort; it is a place that has great significance in the history and development of the modern State of Israel. Next to May 14th 1948 the most important date in Israel’s latter day development must be surely be Sunday April 25th 1920.

It was on this date that the Supreme Council of Allied Powers, comprising of Great Britain, France, Italy and Japan, concluded their several days of deliberation that resulted in the redefining of the Middle East. Following the end of World War One, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and Britain’s seizure of Jerusalem from the Turks, plans had to be made regarding the whole of the Middle East region.

Uppermost in the minds of the four great powers (the USA were also in attendance but only as observers), was the famous Balfour Declaration made three years previously, in which Britain had pledged to find a homeland for the Jewish people at the end of the war. Any resolution coming out of San Remo would have to take this into account to gain acceptance from the British delegation. On the said date of April 25th, a 500 word document was released by the Council of Allied Powers, spelling out the conclusions which they had arrived at.

Three Mandates
Three mandates were issued which would particularly affect Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and, most importantly, the area then known as Palestine. It should be remembered that the occupants of Palestine at that time included Jews, Arabs, Turks, Armenians and others. The people group now known as Palestinians today, did not exist at that time. The Palestinian Authority was a much later creation, with no discernible heritage other than the fact that they are Arabs. Of the three mandates the most important one, from a Jewish perspective, was the mandate given to Great Britain to fulfil the Balfour Declaration.




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