40 Days Through Daniel - Ron Rhodes

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40 Days Through Daniel - Ron Rhodes

40 Days Through Daniel

Revealing God's Plan for the Future

Ron Rhodes

Sometime ago we featured 40 Days through Revelation by the same author, this book is a companion to that. It has often been said that to understand Revelation you need to read it alongside Daniel which is entirely true.
Following his style of going through a book in 40 days of personal study Mr Rhodes divides the text into meaningful portions. Each day includes a portion of textual commentary with meaningful insights, a list of major themes for that section, a series of cross references, some life lessons and some questions for individual or group discussion. All of this is presented in a the author’s very easily readable style.

The book will help the reader to grasp some of the more difficult prophetic passages in Daniel and is in keeping with our premillennial understanding of a book often criticised and undermined by liberals and amillennialists alike.

Ron Rhodes is president of 'Reasoning From The Scriptures' and is heard regularly on radio across the USA. He also lectures at Dallas Theological Seminary, with whom we have had past connections.

Nearly 300 pages and well recommended.


Colin Le Noury