Bournemouth Convention 2021.

Audio recordings now available from our online Shop.

A Full Set of audio CDs are £15.00 for 13 CDs inc. p&p.
Evenings only (all of Alan Franklin's 7 CDs) are £10.00 inc. p&p
Mornings only (set of 6 CDs) are £9.00 incl. p&p.

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To Download a mp3 recording, click on the Download button in the table below which will open another Tab in your browser. On that Tab, click the Download arrow on the top right hand side to download the mp3 file.

Speaker Subject Download link
Alan Franklin
EU - Final World Empire

Download AF01

Alan Franklin
Occult Invasion

Download AF02

Alan Franklin
Reason For Hope - The Lord is Coming

Download AF03

Alan Franklin
Cults & Isms

Download AF04

Alan Franklin
Creation, Evolution and the Bible

Download AF05

Alan Franklin
Middle East in Bible Prophecy

Download AF06

Alan Franklin
Rise of Israel and the Decline of Britain

Download AF07

Andrew Phipps
The Smitten Shepherd

Download AP01

Andrew Phipps
The Lord Of All The Earth

Download AP02

Richard Salmon
The History of the Earth

Download RS01

Richard Salmon
Stepping Stones Through Job

Download RS02

Colin Le Noury
Israel & The Deuteronomic Principles

Download CLN01

John Williams
Famous Last Words

Download JW01



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