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Bible Prophecy Handbook - Carol Smith

Bible Prophecy Handbook

Carol Smith

This book is what it suggests - small handbook of 150 pages giving an excellent overview on prophecy.

It has been written in a the form of 90 daily readings, obviously to be read over a three month period. Each day the writer takes a different aspect of prophecy and gives an overview on it.

It is not intended to be an in-depth analysis of each subject, but rather an introduction to each, giving a starting point of understanding on each topic. Topics included are the power of antichrist, the four horsemen of the apocalypse, 666, the lake of fire, the great red dragon, amillennialism and historic premillennialism, The Two Witnesses, the New Jerusalem, Angels, Rewards, Israel and the church, The Rapture, what will heaven be like?, to name just a few of the 90 topics covered.

At the end of three months the reader should have a clearer understanding of the whole spectrum of prophecy through this book. In addition to all subjects covered the author has also included a number of tables and diagrams that illustrate the text.

An excellent little book that will serve as an introduction to the subject of prophecy. Ideal for young people, new believers or any christian with little or no prior knowledge of these things.

Colin Le Noury