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20 Studies in Bible Prophecy

Study 7a - The Seventieth Week

An interesting point emerges here when we read in the A.V. "After three-score years shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself." The authorities agree that the phrase "but not for himself" is inaccurate. The R.V. changes it to "and shall have nothing".

The late Dr. Campbell Morgan argued that this was a mistranslation duly corrected in the R.V. The revised phrase "and shall have nothing" means that He would not possess the Kingdom and be acknowledged King. G. H. Lang adds a timely note here: "His career had commenced in a borrowed manger. It closed in a borrowed grave.

The Seventieth Week

Study 7 - The Disclosure Of The Seventy Weeks. Since this final week is important, and very controversial, we are obliged to take a closer look at it, noticing that it is mentioned separately from the 69 weeks.

There are two views held with regard to the chronology of this final period of seven years. Some hold that it followed immediately upon the expiry of the 69th week, but this means that the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70 came to pass long after the completion of the seventieth week. Others hold that though part of the 70 weeks, this final week did not run concurrently with the first 69. Following Israel's rejection and crucifixion of their Messiah, the regular sequence of the weeks was interrupted, and the seventieth week was postponed. So says Dr. Campbell Morgan in GOD'S METHODS WITH MAN, the seventieth week is missing. Where is it?

He goes on to show that this missing week "comes at the end of the present age, an age which is an unmeasured interpolation upon God's times and seasons." So it would appear that between Messiah being "cut off", and this seventieth week, the whole of the present Church age intervenes. Indeed parenthesis of this kind are not uncommon in Scripture. Two examples will suffice here: (Zech. 9:9, 10 and Luke 1:31, 32, 33).

This seventieth week is the period between the rapture and the revelation, the framework for the great events recorded in (Rev. 6-19). It will begin with the making of a covenant between "the Prince that shall come" (v.26) and the nation of Israel. In the middle of this "Week" (or seven years) He will reverse His attitude and the result will be a period of unparalleled tribulation for the Jew. The close of this period of "great tribulation" will finalise the seventy weeks of Daniel's prophecy and usher in the great blessings promised to Israel in (Dan. 9:24), the millennium.