Book Reviews

The Case For Zionism - Thomas Ice

Why Christians Should Support IsraelThe Case For Zionism

Thomas Ice

We are living in days of growing antisemitism which is widespread in our own country, in Europe, and indeed around the world. Much of this antisemitism stems from the political doctrine of anti-Zionism. Whilst these two things are not one and the same they are closely related and often entwined.

For that reason, this book by Thomas Ice of the Pre-Trib Research Group is immensely important. Dr Ice looks at the Biblical, historical and legal arguments for the legitimacy of the modern state of Israel.

Behold Your King

Behold Your KingMeditations in Matthew's Gospel

J.M. Flanigan

Christmas time is the season of the 'new born king'. As we reflect again on the incarnation and the birth of Christ the words of the old carol repeat in our minds - 'A new king born today'.

Matthew's gospel is essentially the gospel of the King. Along with Luke he is one of the evangelists who majors on the birth. Indeed he includes some birth narratives that cannot be found elsewhere, including the Wise Men, the Flight to Egypt, the Slaughter of the Innocents and Joseph's angelic dream.

Signs That Make You Wonder - James P Smith

Signs that make you wonderExamining the roots, shoots and fruits
of the modern-day prophetic movement.

James P Smith

In a recent edition of Prophetic Witness we published and article which included the names of several individuals who are, or have been, connected with Toronto Pensicola, the Kansas City Prophets or the New Apostolic Reformation. As a council we are unanimous in saying that our movement does not endorse any of the above.

For that reason we are happy to promote the attached book of the month, 'Signs that make you wonder' by James P. Smith which more accurately reflects our position.

It is, as it suggests, an examination of the roots and fruits of the modern day prophetic movement and it leaves no stone unturned in its exposing of falsehood within the modern charismatic movement.

Christ's Second Coming - Donald CB Cameron

Christ's Second Coming


Donald CB Cameron


This excellent little book on Christ's Second Coming looks at seven questions in relation to the event; Who, What, Why, How, When, Where and How we can be prepared?

As such it is a perfect introduction to the subject outlining simply but thoroughly God's prophetic plan in relation to the return of His Son. Following his answer to the first six questions posed above, the author proceeds to set out a comprehensive list of so called 'signs of the times' - topical evidence to support his belief in the immInence of that great event.

40 Days Through Genesis

Discover the Story The Started It All

by Ron Rhodes

As this is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the year that saw the beginning of our movement, I thought it good to recommend a book of beginnings.
'40 Days Through Genesis' by Ron Rhodes takes us back to where it all began, indeed it is sub-titled 'Discover the story that started it all’.

Genesis, as Rhodes points out, shows us the beginning of creation, the beginning of God’s plan of redemption, the beginning of Jewish nation and of God’s covenants with man.

40 Days Through Daniel

40 Days Through Daniel - Ron Rhodes

Revealing God's Plan for the Future

Ron Rhodes

Sometime ago we featured 40 Days through Revelation by the same author, this book is a companion to that. It has often been said that to understand Revelation you need to read it alongside Daniel which is entirely true.
Following his style of going through a book in 40 days of personal study Mr Rhodes divides the text into meaningful portions. Each day includes a portion of textual commentary with meaningful insights, a list of major themes for that section, a series of cross references, some life lessons and some questions for individual or group discussion. All of this is presented in a the author’s very easily readable style.

The Middle East Meltdown

The Middle East Meltdown - Dr Andy Woods

The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel

Dr Andy Woods

There are two passages of Scripture which have drawn the interest of many students of prophecy over a long period of time; namely, the Gog/Magog Invasion of Israel in
Ezekiel 38 & 39, and the so called conflict of Psalm 83.
In this book Andy Woods deals with both, only very briefly with the latter. The bulk of the book is on Ezekiel’s prophesied war involving a coalition of nations led by a powerful northern enemy of Israel.

Unveiling The End Times In Our Time

Unveiling The End Times In Our Time

The Triumph of the Lamb in REVELATION

Adrian Rodgers

Some will say, ’Not another book on Revelation — don’t they all say the same thing?’ The answer to that is yes and no. Obviously it they are true to interpretation then there will be a good deal of similarity, however, every author has his own way of writing and his own unique insights on the word. This is very true of this exposition of Revelation by renowned late speaker Adrian Rogers.

Rogers, who went to be with the Lord in 2005, was one at the leading premillennial speakers in the USA and pastor of the 27,000 member Belle Vue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee and his Love Worth Finding, radio and television broadcasts were heard and seen by millions. This update version oi this book also contains contributions from his son, Steve Rogers, who continues parts of his ministry.

Islam Israel And The Church

Islam Israel And The Church

Marcel Rebiai

This interesting book clearly sets out the differences between Islam, Judaism and Christianity. The author looks at all three religions from an historical and theological background.

The chapter on the origins and beliefs of Islam is most helpful and gives a clear understanding of what the Moslem religion is all about. By the same token Israel’s election by God is also biblically set forth along with God’s continued plan for them as a nation. Replacement theology is refuted as the author draws a distinction between God’s plan for Israel and tor the Church.

God's People And God's Purpose


This interesting Ritchie reprint of an earlier work by Archie & Fraser Naismith is well worth reading. Entitled 'God's People and God's Purpose' with a sub-title 'The Hope of Israel and the Church' makes a distinction between the two said groups of people while also showing that their destinies are dovetailed together in the eternal plan of God.