Prophetic Witness - October 2011

Prophetic Witness - October 2011Lessons of the Riots

by Tony Pearce

The riots that exploded across our cities and TV screens in August,shocked Britain, destroyed millions of pounds worth of property and exposed what David Cameron called 'the slow motion moral collapse' of our society. Many commentators pointed out how government agencies and the state have fuelled the 'worst aspects of human nature'.



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In this edition of Prophetic Witness

  • Powerpoint - this month's comment by Glyn L. Taylor
  • Lessons of the Riots by Tony Pearce
  • The Error of Post Millennialism by Andrew Robinson
  • Two Fatal Flaws of Post-Tribulationism by Dr Donald CB Cameron
  • In Touch with the General Director
  • From Our Israel Desk by Tony Pearce
  • The Rapture by Bruce Scott (Israel My Glory)
  • Arab States In Prophecy
  • Signs of the Times
  • What In The World Is Happening?
  • Statement of Belief
  • What's On