Prophetic Witness - April 2011

Prophetic Witness - April 2011The Crucial Cross

Part 1 by Rev. Ian McPherson (former editor)

There are several viewpoints and vantage-points from which the Cross may be contemplated. Four call for special mention. The Cross is kaleidoscopic. It may be regarded in the following four aspects: (1) the Cosmic Cross; (2) the Prophetic Cross; (3) the Historic Cross and (4) the Symbolic Cross.

Look at them in that order.


"The Lamb slain from the foundation of the world" (Revelation 13:8). "I beheld, and, 10, in the midst of the throne, a Lamb as it had been (newly) slain" (Revelation 5:6).
We do not rightly read the Cross until we see it in a cosmic and eternal context. The crucifixion of Christ was no private affair conducted clandestinely in an obscure corner of a peripheral province in the ancient Roman Empire. It spans all space and transcends all time. Before it was an act in history, it was, a fact in eternity. "The cosmos," as Brian A. Greet neatly notes, "is cruciform."

In a previous chapter we reminded ourselves that God can never properly be spoken of as the Author of evil.


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