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Prophetic Witness - October 2013

Prophetic Witness - October 2013Getting Ready For The Rapture

by Martin Oliver

One of the most important aims of the Prophetic Witness International Movement is in encouraging believers to live holy lives in readiness for Christ's return. This is spelt out in their Statement of Belief listed at the back of their magazine. Under the heading of 'Salvation' are the words, '... the repentant sinner is justified by faith alone and that is evidenced by holy living.' Under 'The Holy Spirit' it says, 'The Holy Spirit's work is ... to produce fruit in the life of the believers ... to equip believers for effective service and ministry.' Under 'The Coming King' are the words, '... the imminent return of Christ is the greatest motivation to prayer, holiness of life and evangelism.'

The effect of prophetic teaching on the individual must therefore be practical. Prophetic truth may touch our minds, but if it doesn't touch our hearts and lives it is wasted.


Prophetic Witness - September 2013

Prophetic Witness - September 2013The Millennial Mountain Of
Jehovah's House

by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

At the time of the Second Coming of the Messiah, the Land will undergo tremendous geographical and topographical changes. One of the key changes will be the rise of a very high mountain that will become the highest mountain of of the world. On top of this mountain tile Millennial Temple and the Millennial Jerusalem will stand.

There are several passages that speak of this Millennial Mountain of Jehovah's House. One such passage is Isaiah 2:2-4: And it shall come to pass in the laffer days, that the mountain of Jehovah's house shall be established on the top of the mountains, and shall be exalted above the hills; and all nations shall flow unto it. And many peoples shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of Jehovah, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of Jehovah from Jerusalem. And he will ;udge between the nations, and will decide concerning many peoples; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.


Prophetic Witness - August 2013

Prophetic Witness - August 2013Be Careful To Whom You Listen

Pastor John Willans BD. Dip Theol.

... Be careful to whom you listen! This true story reminds us of the vital importance of listening to correct information and instructions. Sometimes listening to the right person with the right knowledge is quite literally a matter of life and death. But this story also teaches us an important spiritual lesson that has profound implications.

Everyone of us is on the "journey of life". As we travel along, we need to make certain that we are listening to the right "person" and the correct information; otherwise we won't know what we are doing, where we are going, what decisions we are to make, or indeed how to prepare for our journey's end.

Many people today are in a state of confusion regarding a whole range of moral, religious and personal issues. For example, some are confused regarding what to believe about God and which religion to follow. Others are confused about what should be considered as morally right and what should be seen as immoral. Still more are confused about what is happening to the world and uncertain about how to deal with their own personal problems such as who to marry, where to live, what job to take, and so on. ...


Prophetic Witness - July 2013

Prophetic Witness - July 2013The Parable Of The
Pearl Of Great Price

Martin Oliver


The parables of the treasure in the field (See previous article) and the pearl of great price are two aspects of the work of the cross. Pearls are highly valued, though not apparently by the Jews. As we showed in the last article, Jesus in His first advent came for His treasure, 'the lost sheep of the house of Israel,' (See Matthew 15:24). But He also came for 'other sheep have I, which are not of this fold,' (See John 10: 16). It is a commonly held view that the pearl represents Christ and that to win Christ, we must purchase Him with a great price. Surely it is the other way round. He has purchased us at the cost of His precious blood shed on the cross of Calvary. What can we possibly have that would enable us to buy Christ? However, others believe that the pearl represents the Church and that it is Christ who has paid the supreme price of His blood to buy her, (See 1 Corinthians 6:20). The merchant must surely be Christ who went looking for pearls and found one of great value. Ever since Pentecost, He has been looking for His Church, which is precious to Him, (See 1 Peter 2:4). 1 Peter 2:7, reminds us that just as Christ is precious to God, so the Church is precious to Him. The literal translation of 1 Peter 2:7 is 'to you who believe is the preciousness.'


Prophetic Witness - May 2013

Prophetic Witness - May 2013THE SIGNIFICANCE OF

Dr Andy Woods

Revelation's depiction of the final end-time events yields a precise chronology. Revelation's closing chapters highlight Armageddon (16: 16), the Second Coming ( 19: 11-16), the Millennial Kingdom (20: 1-1 0), the Great White Throne Judgment (20: 11-15), the destruction of this present earth (21 : 1), and the establishment of the Eternal State (21-22). At first glance, this order of events seems inefficient. Why not just have the Second Coming and then move directly into the final judgment and Eternal State and skip the thousandyear kingdom? In other words, why does there have to be an interruption of a thousand years before the final judgment and Eternal State can transpire? The purpose of this article is to answer this common question by demonstrating that if we did not have these ten verses in our Bible (Rev. 20: 1-10), there would be irreparable damage to God's Word, because many of the themes spoken of earlier in the Bible would remain unresolved. The thousand-year reign of Christ is the only time period in history when plots and tensions developed earlier in Scripture can find a resolution. This article will provide seven reasons why Revelation 20: 1-10 is significant and necessary.


Prophetic Witness - April 2013

Prophetic Witness - April 2013Israel and the Messianic Kingdom

Dr Arnold Fructenbaum

Behold, the days come, says Jehovah, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah. Jeremiah 31 :31


Within the period of the Messianic Kingdom, Israel is a major theme of the Old Testament prophets. Indeed, it was the high point of Old Testament prophecy and every writing prophet - with the exception of Jonah, Nahum, Habakkuk, and Malachi - had something to say about Israel. The last two prophets did make reference to the Second Coming and the Tribulation, which, in the wider context of the Prophets, implied a kingdom to follow. To spiritualize and allegorize away such a great amount of Scripture is to confuse the whole science of interpretation. There is no reason to spiritualize any of these prophecies any more than there is reason to do so with the first coming prophecies of the Messiah, those prophecies that deal with His virgin birth, His birth in Bethlehem, His death, or His physical Resurrection.

Because of the amount of revelation available on Israel in the Messianic Kingdom, this study will be divided into eight major sections: the four facets of the final restoration of Israel, other characteristics of Israel's final restoration, the Millennial Mountain of Jehovah's House, the Millennial Temple, the millennial system of priesthood and sacrifices, the millennial river, the Millennial lsrael, and the Millennial Jerusalem.


Prophetic Witness - March 2013

Prophetic Witness - March 2013Easter Meditation

by Jon Ikin

How many times have you or I ever been confused with the Lord Jesus Christ? Not as many times as we would like, that's for sure! Yet when the Lord Jesus asked His disciples who men thought He was, they said, "... Jeremiah or one of the prophets." (Matt. 16: 14). That spoke well of Jeremiah, didn't it? The people evidently saw things in the Lord Jesus that reminded them of him. In this short article we are going to examine some of the amazing parallels between the Lord Jesus and this great Old Testament prophet, so that we can also appreciate just how much this man was a foreshadow of our Saviour.

First of all, Jeremiah was evidently a man chosen by God for his ministry. In Jer.1:4-5 we read, "Then the LORD came to me, saying: 'Before I formed you in the womb I knew you; Before you were born I sanctified you; I ordained you a prophet to the nations. "' Here we see the Lord revealing something of His eternal plan to Jeremiah, which included setting him apart to be His inspired spokesman to Israel and even the Gentile nations (Jer.25)! He was a man chosen by God. 'Appointed and anointed,' as we might say.


Prophetic Witness - February 2013

Prophetic Witness - February 2013The Sanhedrin Returns
for the Last Days

Pastor Jon Ikin

When Moses appointed the seventy elders to help share his workload in the wilderness he probably had no idea that he was starting an institution that would still be in existence thousands of years later. Yet that is arguably when the Sanhedrin began, and it continued until the year AD 453, when it met for the last time in the town of Tiberias, on the shores of Galilee. This group of highly influential scholars has an almost continual line back to the great lawgiver himself, bar only the years of exile in Babylon. When Ezra returned with the second wave of pilgrims he reinstituted these men who later became known as the Sanhedrin by the time of Christ.


Prophetic Witness - January 2013

Prophetic Witness - January 2013And Now For The Good News!

New Leaf or New Life?

by Glyn L. Taylor (Editor)


A greeting you will have both given and received in recent days. But is it? happy or new? Despite all the new year resolutions that have been made, to stop the bad and start the better, one has to admit that though the calendar has changed, we haven't!

We still struggle with the same addictions and habits; we still carry the same burdens and cares; we still battle against the same doubts and fears; we still face the same mountainous problems; we still live under the stresses and pressures; we are still overwhelmed with the same anxieties. So what's new?

The fact of the matter is that everyone of us need a NEW LIFE not just the turning over of a NEW LEAF.