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Prophetic Witness - November 2018


Alan Franklin

When we watch news of natural disasters, political turmoil, an ever more dangerous society, the near total apostasy of the nominally Christian church and the mass acceptance and promotion of perversion, we wonder: ”what in the world is going on?”
The answer is simple: Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in these final days of the times immediately prior to our Lord's return. This is a reason for excitement and expectation, not doom and despair.

This is the greatest story seldom told, as the remnants of what used to be called "the news media" concentrate on titivation and trivia. We are being entertained to death, spiritual death.

Prophetic Witness - October 2018

The Imminent Coming Of Christ

Dr Don Hender (PWMI Vice President)


What does Imminent mean?
The Lord can come at any moment. There are no prophecies that must be fulfilled before He comes for His true Church - His intended Bride.

Imminent comes from a Latin verb ’Immineo' meaning to ‘overhang’, as something hanging over our head, not as a threat, but ready to overtake one, something close at hand to happen any moment. Yet it may not happen immediately. The Church has been waiting almost 2000 years Paul expected the Rapture to occur in his day, See 1st. Thess. 4:13—18. The unbreakable promise of the Lord Jesus Christ is still valid. John 14:1-3. When Jesus said. "Behold I come quickly". Rev. 22:20, or in ch1:1 ”Things which must shortly come to pass”; the word ‘shortly' or ‘quickly' means ‘suddenly’. The Greek word for ‘shortly' is "en tachei'” which means ‘quickly or suddenly coming to pass', indicating rapidity of execution after the beginning of an action takes place. The idea is not that the event may occur soon, but that when it does, it will be sudden. A similar word ’tachys' is translated ‘quickly’ seven times in Revelation, When the Lord does act, He acts with swiftness, suddenness, and unannounced. When the Lord does act, it is sudden, rapid, decisive and purposeful. (See Galatians 4:4 concerning the first coming of Christ: "When the time was fully come..,").

If events have to happen first before the coming of the Lord for His Church, it destroys the concept of imminency. We need to be prepared for that event.


Prophetic Witness - September 2018

Nahum 1:1-15

Dr Sam Gordon

Nahum ... it's small, its compact, it's only 47 verses and 3 chapters; it‘s one of those wee books you could easily read in 1O/15 minutes. Small in size. Big in message. Little—known, little-used. It‘s a sequel to the prophecy of Jonah. It’s well worth reading; but, be warned, it can be a bit gory at times — it‘s doom and gloom.

You would almost think that the prophet had a one-track mind or only one string to his bow - his message is specific, and it's directed towards Nineveh; he doesn't miss them and hit the wall. The closing verse (3:19) says all that needs to be said: ‘Nothing can heal your wound; your injury is fatal.‘

The bell tolls rather ominously; this was the death knell of the vast Assyrian empire. In its heyday, it was a superpower — a mega empire that stretched across Asia Minor: from Egypt in the west, to the border between Iran and India in the east, and from Russia in the north, to Arabia in the south. It was big!

Here is a nation in freefall, because the judgment of God is levelled against her. When she fell, it was sensational and stunningly spectacular. Nineveh was a magnificent city; it was a case of God saying‘ 'You are the weakest link. Goodbye!' ...

Prophetic Witness - August 2018

Prophetic Witness - August 2018

Desire For Revival

by Derek Lindley

Often in times of revival there is an admixture of weeping and joy. In the 1800s, regarding revival the godly minister of St Peter‘s, Dundee, Robert Murray McCheyne said, "It is the duty of all who seek the salvation of souls to long and pray for such solemn times when the arrows shall be sharp to the heart of the King's enemies and our slumbering congregations shall he made to cry out, 'Men and brethren, what shall we do?' When revival came to St Peter‘s the feelings of the people could not be restrained.

Prophetic Witness - July 2018

"He must be loosed a little season"

(Rev. 20: 3. 7-10)
by Dr. Alec Passmore


It has often perplexed believers why, having bound Satan once at the close of the thousand years rendering him ineffective and chained - the LORD should set him loose again for a short while. This is a puzzle to some while others have used this prophesied binding and loosing of Satan as a pretext for denying the literality of the passage, and indeed the entire Apocalypse. However I suggest the Lord has a very wise sovereign purpose here, as indeed He has in all his dealings. We read:

Prophetic Witness - June 2018

Christ In Prophecy

by Dr David Reagan

Most scholars agree that there are about 300 prophecies in the Old Testament that relate to the First Coming of the Messiah. But, these are not 300 different prophecies. Many, like the prophecy that the Messiah Will be born of the seed of Abraham, are repeated several times.

When all the repetitive prophecies are culled out, there remain slightly more than one hundred distinctively different, specific prophecies about the Messiah’s First Advent. These prophecies are outlined in detail later in this chapter.

Prophetic Witness - May 2018

Armageddon Ahead!

Apocalyptic battle will be over the status of Jerusalem.
by Charles Gardner

In the wake of the worldwide denunciation of President Trump’s earth-shaking decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, nations are now queueing up to follow his lead.

And yet even while archaeological finds further confirm Jewish connection to the City over thousands of years, the UK and other major European powers stubbornly refuse to face reality.

In joining the predictable chorus of disapproval at the UN, the British people are in ever— increasing danger of being numbered among the goats of Judgment Day referred to by Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew (25:31-46).

This passage is widely interpreted to relate to how the peoples of the world have treated God’s chosen race — the "brothers and sisters” (in the flesh) of our Saviour, who was born the King of Israel (Matt 2:2) and is coming back as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (Rev 5:5).

Isaiah writes: "For the nation or kingdom that will not serve you will perish; it will be utterly ruined" (60:12; see also Mic 5:15).

Prophetic Witness - April 2018

Prophetic Witness - April 2018


A series of studies on our Statement of Belief
by Rev. Ian Macpherson
(late Editor of Prophetic Witness magazine).

"We believe in the total depravity of fallen human nature, rendering men subject to the wrath of God."
We shall think of man (1) Formed; (2) Deformed; (3) informed; (4) Conformed; and (5) Transformed. Consider the headings in that order:


According to Dr John Lightfoot, an eminent scholar of the seventeenth century, man was created at a quarter to nine on Saturday morning, October 23, 4004 BC. The timing is so precise that one might be pardoned for supposing that the good doctor had been present on the occasion. It goes without saying that he was not, and a point often missed in discussions of human origins is that, from the very nature of the case, we are bound to be totally dependent for any reliable information on the subject upon one Person — the Person who was there. We have really no option but to depend solely on the Word of God. Of this the Lord reminded Job when He addressed him out of the whirlwind: “Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth? Declare, if thou hast understanding" (Job 38:4).

Prophetic Witness - March 2018

Prophetic Witness - April 2018What Can The Righteous Do?

by Derek Lindley

... We are now living in a day when even unbelievers are noticing that everything that was nailed down is coming loose! There’s a whole lot of shakin' going on! Our cultural heritage is being rapidly dismantled by the removal of ancient boundary stones. God says, "Do not move an ancient boundary stone set up by your forefathers" (Proverbs 22:28). Brick by brick our Judeo-Christian culture - the way we do things - is being collapsed and removed to disappear into some politically correct landfill site.

Psalm 11
David asks a searching question in Psalm 11 v 3, "When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?” This is the psalm in which David realizes that flight is out of the question because his security is in God who is steadfast. He says, “In the Lord I take refuge (v.1 ) - - - The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on His holy throne (v.4) - - -  the Lord is righteous, He loves justice: upright men will see His face" (v7).


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Prophetic Witness - February 2018

Prophetic Witness - February 2018


Why Does Salvation Require
The Cross?

by Philip Jones


At the very heart of the Gospel message lies the Cross. The Cross is not just an important part of the Gospel message, it is the essential part of it, because the message of the Cross explains the means by which God reconciles us (sinners) to Himself and saves us from the terrible judgement that would otherwise await us. Without the Cross, there is no Gospel at all (no good news), because there is no salvation. In view of its pivotal importance, you would expect that if there was one thing that the Church understood well, it would be the necessity and work of the Cross. We as Christians should know this subject intimately. But do we?