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Understanding Christian Zionism

Understanding Christian Zionism

Israel's Place in the Purposes of God

Dr Paul R. Wilkinson

 We are pleased to announce that The Berean Call ministry (Oregon, USA), which was founded by the late Dave Hunt, has republished Paul Wilkinson's book, For Zion's Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby (Paternoster, 2007). It is available under the new title Understanding Christian Zionism: Israel's Place in the Purposes of God, and is edited by Andrew D. Robinson. The text remains the same; only the cover and layout have changed. This new edition comes at a time when belief in the any-moment, pretribulation Rapture of the Church is under sustained attack, and the reputation of John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), the principal founder of the Plymouth Brethren and a man to whom we owe an enormous debt for recovering the truth of the Rapture, has been scurrilously maligned by members of the pro-Israel Church. We recommend this new edition to all who have not read the original.

The Minor Prophets And The End Times

The Minor Prophets And The End Times

Donald C.B. Cameron

"This work will provide an excellent supplement in anyone’s library who wants to understand the rich and important details at the eschatology taught in ’The Twelve’.” So writes Dr Thomas Ice in his Foreword to Donald Cameron’s latest book. This is high praise indeed From the Executive Director of the Pre-Trib Research Center in Virginia, USA, and it is fully justified.

Dr Cameron has produced a timely and comprehensive survey of the ’Minor Prophets,’ which carefully takes the reader through each book in order to highlight what God has sovereignly and prophetically decreed for Israel and the nations (but not the Church!). In the process Dr Cameron lays down the gauntlet to those who wrongly contend that Israel has been replaced by the Church, that the Church must pass through the Tribulation period, and that the Lord Jesus Christ will not return in person to reign upon the earth.

The Late Great United States

The Late Great United States

Mark Hitchcock

Yet another book by Mark Hitchcock who has established himself as a prolific and well researched prophecy writer. As always this is written in his very readable style and as such is easy to follow.

Hitchcock deals this time with a subject that has fascinated those who study prophecy — the role of the USA in end time events. He spends the first chapter biblically analysing whether the USA is mentioned in scripture but comes to no conclusion although he offers some interesting thoughts.

Cults And Isms: True Or False?

Cults And Isms: True Or False?


One would expect any book written by Alan & Pat Franklin would be well researched, informative and with clear cut conclusions. This would certainly be true of this examination of cults and isms. A most timely expose which every Christian should read in these days when false doctrine and apostasy are everywhere.

A detailed examination is made of all the false sects and organisations with tables detailing their beliefs along with a biblical refutation. These tables are most helpful, being very comprehensive and it is easy to examine a particular belief along with ’what the Bible says".

Some Golden Daybreak

Some Golden Daybreak

A defense of the pre-tribulation rapture
by Dr Stephen Boreland.

As I travel around the country speaking at various meetings, I discover that the subject of the timing of the rapture is never far away.

Somehow this 'old chestnut' always seems to rise to the surface, and I am frequently asked if it will take place before the tribulation, mid-way or at the end of the tribulation. My view, and indeed that of PWMI is quite clear - we believe emphatically in a pre-tribulation rapture.

Babylon In Europe

Babylon In Europe
What Bible Prophecy Reveals About
The European Union

David Hathaway

This superb little book is written by the author of ’Czechmate’ — Rev David Hathaway. Sub-titled, ’What prophecy says about the E.U.’ it is an excellent treatment of the subject.
The author begins with an explanation of the prophecy of Nebuchadnezzar's image in Dan. 2 and shows how the EU, might relate to that and the biblical story of the Tower of Babel.

He outlines the godless ethos of the E.U.constitution together with the satanic spirit at the union which is based on humanism and anti-semitism.

The Unusual Suspects

Unusual Suspects

25 Jewish people defy the final taboo.

Richard Gibson

This is a book that will warm the hearts at all who love Israel and the Jewish people.

Richard Gibson has performed a service to the Church by recording in the most readable style the stories of Jewish men and women who have accepted Yeshua, recognising Him as their Messiah.

As he points out in his foreword the first followers of ’The Way’ were all Jewish and the first council of the Church was held in Jerusalem.
The question asked so often today, 'Can one be a follower of Jesus and remain a Jew?’ is answered very definitely in the affirmative in the compelling testimonies of a number of Messianic Jews in this book.