Unveiling The End Times In Our Time - Adrian Rodgers

Unveiling The End Times In Our Time

The Triumph of the Lamb in REVELATION

Adrian Rodgers

Some will say, ’Not another book on Revelation — don’t they all say the same thing?’ The answer to that is yes and no. Obviously it they are true to interpretation then there will be a good deal of similarity, however, every author has his own way of writing and his own unique insights on the word. This is very true of this exposition of Revelation by renowned late speaker Adrian Rogers.

Rogers, who went to be with the Lord in 2005, was one at the leading premillennial speakers in the USA and pastor of the 27,000 member Belle Vue Baptist Church in Memphis, Tennessee and his Love Worth Finding, radio and television broadcasts were heard and seen by millions. This update version oi this book also contains contributions from his son, Steve Rogers, who continues parts of his ministry.

Roger’s commentary on Revelation is very easily readable and not only gives an accurate interpretation of the text but is also very devotional, peppered with illustrations and applications to Christian living. All at this makes it a very interesting and profitable read.

A couple of chapters I found particularly interesting were, ’The Midnight Cry and the Rapture of the Church’ positioned and the commencement of Revelation chapter tour clearly outlining our pre—trib position. Another chapter entitled ’Making Numbers Count’ looks at the significance of many of the numbers used in the book of Revelation and also elsewhere in scripture. A further chapter entitled, ’A Guided Tour Through Heaven’ is immensely encouraging. Nearly three hundred pages of enjoyable reading makes this book worth every penny.


Rev Colin Le Noury


Book Author: 
Adrian Rodgers