Some Golden Daybreak

Some Golden Daybreak

A defense of the pre-tribulation rapture
by Dr Stephen Boreland.

As I travel around the country speaking at various meetings, I discover that the subject of the timing of the rapture is never far away.

Somehow this 'old chestnut' always seems to rise to the surface, and I am frequently asked if it will take place before the tribulation, mid-way or at the end of the tribulation. My view, and indeed that of PWMI is quite clear - we believe emphatically in a pre-tribulation rapture.

So too does Dr Stephen Boreland, in this book, which is not new, he sets out in a scholarly, yet readable way, a defense of the pre-tribulation rapture position.

The mystery of the church, this age as a parenthesis, the nature of the tribulation and the New Testament doctrine of imminency are all set forth clearly. Every reference to the rapture in the New Testament is covered and expounded, as the doctrine itself is argued and defended in a thoroughly biblical manner. The reader is thus left without doubt as to the timing of this important event.

Some Golden Daybreak is well worth reading and keeping on hand for ready reference. I commend it heartily.

Colin Le Noury
March 2010
Book Author: 
Dr Stephen Boreland