Signs That Make You Wonder - James P Smith

Signs that make you wonderExamining the roots, shoots and fruits
of the modern-day prophetic movement.

James P Smith

In a recent edition of Prophetic Witness we published and article which included the names of several individuals who are, or have been, connected with Toronto Pensicola, the Kansas City Prophets or the New Apostolic Reformation. As a council we are unanimous in saying that our movement does not endorse any of the above.

For that reason we are happy to promote the attached book of the month, 'Signs that make you wonder' by James P. Smith which more accurately reflects our position.

It is, as it suggests, an examination of the roots and fruits of the modern day prophetic movement and it leaves no stone unturned in its exposing of falsehood within the modern charismatic movement.

The author reveals the truth behind the above mentioned movements and also covers the Latter Rain Movement, Sharon Bible School, the International House of Prayer & Dominion Theology to name just a few. Various individuals from J.A Dowie, Franklin Hall, William Branham to more recent ones like Wimber, Joyner, Agnes, Sandford, Kenneth Hagan, Bill Johnson and Todd Bentley all come under close scrutiny.

In these days of end-time deception and spiritual confusion this book certainly helps the descerning mind to come to terms with what is going on in the name of Christianity.

The book is more than just a critique - it is a well researched analysis of the subject with arguments that are not easy to refute.

I have read a number of books on the subject but found this one to be the best. Well recommended.

Colin Le  Noury
October 2018


Book Author: 
James P Smith