Prophetic Witness - September 2017

Angels Of The Apocalypse

by Alan G. Willis


The word used is the Greek word aggelos which according to my Greek-English lexicon (Liddell and Scott) means ’messenger’, but is given a fuller reference in J.H.Thayer’s Greek English Lexicon to include 'envoy’ and 'one who is sent'.
A group of angels ’fell’ following Satan's lead, and were ever after known as the 'fallen angels’, they will receive their reward in Revelation 20 where in verse 12 judgement was to be according to works. The Christians have already been judged :- Isaiah 44 verse 22 assures us that for those who are redeemed, their sins are ’blotted out’, it is as though these sins never were, whilst in Hebrews 8 verse 12 we are promised that 'their sins and their iniquities will I remember no more’, forgotten and forgiven; whilst in Revelation we find that their names are recorded in ’The Lamb's Book Of Life' which separates them from those who were never redeemed, and must stand trial at the Great White Throne Judgement when the ’Book of Life’ is opened and all of those who refused salvation must stand before the throne [Revelation 20 verse 12].


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