Prophetic Witness - October 2013

Prophetic Witness - October 2013Getting Ready For The Rapture

by Martin Oliver

One of the most important aims of the Prophetic Witness International Movement is in encouraging believers to live holy lives in readiness for Christ's return. This is spelt out in their Statement of Belief listed at the back of their magazine. Under the heading of 'Salvation' are the words, '... the repentant sinner is justified by faith alone and that is evidenced by holy living.' Under 'The Holy Spirit' it says, 'The Holy Spirit's work is ... to produce fruit in the life of the believers ... to equip believers for effective service and ministry.' Under 'The Coming King' are the words, '... the imminent return of Christ is the greatest motivation to prayer, holiness of life and evangelism.'

The effect of prophetic teaching on the individual must therefore be practical. Prophetic truth may touch our minds, but if it doesn't touch our hearts and lives it is wasted.



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  • Getting Ready for the Rapture
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  • The Error of Replacement Theology
  • And Now for the Good News
  • From Our Israel Desk
  • Statement of Belief
  • Signs of the Times
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