Prophetic Witness - May 2013

Prophetic Witness - May 2013THE SIGNIFICANCE OF

Dr Andy Woods

Revelation's depiction of the final end-time events yields a precise chronology. Revelation's closing chapters highlight Armageddon (16: 16), the Second Coming ( 19: 11-16), the Millennial Kingdom (20: 1-1 0), the Great White Throne Judgment (20: 11-15), the destruction of this present earth (21 : 1), and the establishment of the Eternal State (21-22). At first glance, this order of events seems inefficient. Why not just have the Second Coming and then move directly into the final judgment and Eternal State and skip the thousandyear kingdom? In other words, why does there have to be an interruption of a thousand years before the final judgment and Eternal State can transpire? The purpose of this article is to answer this common question by demonstrating that if we did not have these ten verses in our Bible (Rev. 20: 1-10), there would be irreparable damage to God's Word, because many of the themes spoken of earlier in the Bible would remain unresolved. The thousand-year reign of Christ is the only time period in history when plots and tensions developed earlier in Scripture can find a resolution. This article will provide seven reasons why Revelation 20: 1-10 is significant and necessary.


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