Prophetic Witness - March 2014

Prophetic Witness - March 2014Downgrading for Armageddon

(Does the Bible suggest a weapons downgrade in the last days?)
by Jon Ikin

One of the issues that has puzzled Bible students over the years, is why end times battles are described in terms of ancient warfare. Ezekiel for instance, describes the invading armies of Magog as, 'horses and horsemen, all splendidly clothed, a great company with bucklers ans shields, all of them handling swords" (38:4). John similarly described the military forces at Armageddon as "horses and... those who sit on them" (Rev.19: 18). Were these descriptions the best that the authors could do I given the day and age they lived in? Or were they technically correct? Will last day battles be fought by men on horseback with swords?

As one who believes implicitly in what is called 'the plenary verbal inspiration of Scripture' (that every word in the Bible is inspired), I find the latter view most attractive. But if so, that raises a question: will there be a significant weapons downgrade in the last days? Will new weapons be traded for older  more conventional armaments? And if so why?

Why would governments of the day secure the latest that their borrowed cash can buy, and then revert to traditional forms of combat technology in the future? There area number of possible scenarios which may explain this. We will briefly explore a few to show that a weapons downgrade is a possibility that should not be ruled out of Bible interpretation. Let us begin with ...


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