Prophetic Witness - January 2018

Prophetic Witness - January 2018

Jerusalem 1917

As Foretold In The Bible

by One For Israel


The atmosphere was electric as General Edmund Allenby dismounted his horse in humility, removed his hat in reverence, and entered the walls of the Old City through the Jaffa Gate, which hadn't been in use for many years.

Six hundred and seventy-three years of Muslim rule were over. Iconic footage shows Jewish people welcoming the general as if he was some kind of messiah, and the Land was never the same again. As time went on, Britain‘s ardor for a Jewish state quickly cooled, but the story of how this particular moment came about is one of breathtaking wonder.


After other Muslim (and Crusader) conquests had come and gone, the Turkish Ottomans conquered and ruled over Jerusalem from 1517 to 1917 — in what was then called Palestine, for exactly 400 years. In the Bible, 400 years seems to be a bit of a byword for slavery and oppression — 400 years of Canaanite sin stored up for wrath, 400 years of slavery in Egypt ... and here we have 400 years of Ottoman rule.

The building of churches and synagogues was outlawed, church bells were forbidden; non—Muslims (dhimmis) had to pay the jizya tax. But most catastrophically of all, in 1915 the call had gone out to wipe out every Christian in the Empire. The Armenian Genocide included not only Armenians but also Catholics and Greek Orthodox Christians. One-and-a-half-million were murdered, and many more suffered horrifically before making their escape.




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