Prophetic Witness - January 2014

Prophetic Witness - January 2014Philippines



Dear Rev. Colin Le Noury,

I just want to say thank you to you and to the PWMI for all your helps to accomplish our mission trip in Tacloban City and in Ormoc City.

You know Rev. Colin, there are so many people especially in the remote places did not received help from our government and this is what I want to reached out this places.

The Lord lead me to go back again into other cities partly in Leyte province also, where many people didn't received any relief goods from the government and to the private organizations. While I was praying every time I saw them on television, the Lord touched my heart to reached this people, they need the Lord this time and of course they need also some foods. Every time we distribute relief goods and medicine we pray first to this people and we challenge them to received the Lord as what the most important thing they need in their life.

Yours in God's Kingdom,

Pastor Duane Advento
Tribal Pastor
Sianib Polanco, Zambo. del Norte, Mindanao, Philippines


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