Prophetic Witness - January 2013

Prophetic Witness - January 2013And Now For The Good News!

New Leaf or New Life?

by Glyn L. Taylor (Editor)


A greeting you will have both given and received in recent days. But is it? happy or new? Despite all the new year resolutions that have been made, to stop the bad and start the better, one has to admit that though the calendar has changed, we haven't!

We still struggle with the same addictions and habits; we still carry the same burdens and cares; we still battle against the same doubts and fears; we still face the same mountainous problems; we still live under the stresses and pressures; we are still overwhelmed with the same anxieties. So what's new?

The fact of the matter is that everyone of us need a NEW LIFE not just the turning over of a NEW LEAF.


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