Prophetic Witness - February 2015

Prophetic Witness - February 2015What in the World is Happening?

by Brian D. Papworth

Last month we dealt with the situation in the Middle East and what is happening there. This month we need to look more at the Western nations. We believe that there will be a future world government, prophesied in the Bible, and due to manifest itself in the future. It will originate in Europe referred to as the "Woman on a Scarlet Beast" [Rev 17:3], it is undoubtedly the city of Rome as it refers to the Scarlet beast sitting on seven hills. There is one city notorious for being built on seven hills and that is Rome in Italy. Italy was a founder member of the European Union and it is also where the Roman Catholic Church has its base at the Vatican [Rev 17:9]. The foundation document of the European Union was called the "Treaty of Rome”.

Something or someone is slowly changing the world to their own ends. There is certainly every indication that a world government is on its way. These meetings of the G8, or G20 including all the heads of important global nations to meetings on world financial problems, rebels, global warming, word trade and all manner of things are beginning to form a type of global governing body. We are told in the Bible that the Antichrist or Beast of Revelation [Rev 13:1-10] and his right hand man the Beast out of the Earth or False Prophet [Rev 13:11-18] will manifest themselves in the latter days. There will be a world government, and a world universal church absorbing all religions and a unified monetary system.


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