Prophetic Witness - February 2014

Prophetic Witness - February 2014The Remnant of Israel:


by Dr Arnold Fruchtenbaum

A. The Meaning

The doctrine of the Remnant of Israel means that there are always some who believe within the Jewish nation as a whole, and all those who believe constitute the Remnant of Israel. Thus there are two Israels: Israel the Whole and Israel the Remnant. Ethnically, the two are the same, but spiritually, they are not. The Remnant at any point of history may be large or small, but there is never a time when it is non-existent, except immediately after the Rapture.

B. The Ramifications

There are five ramifications concerning the Remnant of Israel First, only believers make up the Remnant. Secondly, not all believers are part of the Remnant, for the Remnant is a Jewish Remnant and is therefore made up of only Jewish believers. Thirdly, the Remnant is always part of the nation as a whole, not detached from the nation as a separate entity; the Remnant is distinct, but distinct within the nation. Fourthly, this means that Jewish believers have a dual citizenship; they are part of both Israel and the Church. And fifth, within the concept of the Remnant, there is a twofold contrast: a contrast between the miraculous and the non-miraculous and a contrast between the noise and the quiet.

C. The Concept

The concept of the Remnant of Israel was apparent from the very beginning of Israel's history as they began to multiply. As a doctrine, the theology of the Remnant began with Elijah the Prophet, then was developed by the writing prophets, and continued through the New Testament.


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