Prophetic Witness - August 2013

Prophetic Witness - August 2013Be Careful To Whom You Listen

Pastor John Willans BD. Dip Theol.

... Be careful to whom you listen! This true story reminds us of the vital importance of listening to correct information and instructions. Sometimes listening to the right person with the right knowledge is quite literally a matter of life and death. But this story also teaches us an important spiritual lesson that has profound implications.

Everyone of us is on the "journey of life". As we travel along, we need to make certain that we are listening to the right "person" and the correct information; otherwise we won't know what we are doing, where we are going, what decisions we are to make, or indeed how to prepare for our journey's end.

Many people today are in a state of confusion regarding a whole range of moral, religious and personal issues. For example, some are confused regarding what to believe about God and which religion to follow. Others are confused about what should be considered as morally right and what should be seen as immoral. Still more are confused about what is happening to the world and uncertain about how to deal with their own personal problems such as who to marry, where to live, what job to take, and so on. ...



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