The Middle East Meltdown

The Middle East Meltdown - Dr Andy Woods

The Coming Islamic Invasion of Israel

Dr Andy Woods

There are two passages of Scripture which have drawn the interest of many students of prophecy over a long period of time; namely, the Gog/Magog Invasion of Israel in
Ezekiel 38 & 39, and the so called conflict of Psalm 83.
In this book Andy Woods deals with both, only very briefly with the latter. The bulk of the book is on Ezekiel’s prophesied war involving a coalition of nations led by a powerful northern enemy of Israel.

Woods writes about the who, when, why how and where of this major conflict. He begins by identifying the participants who are named at the beginning of Ezek. 38. He then goes on to discuss the when which is the issue that has divided many prophetic scholars over the years. He points out that there are actually seven different views on the timing and spends much time analysing all seven.

In another chapter he discusses at length how this war will come about and identifies things taking place today suggesting a build up to that event.

There are two points where I would personally disagree with the writer. Firstly in relation to Psalm 83 which he dismisses as being a prophetic conflict. His assertion that it should be treated in the same way as Psalm Two is in my mind incorrect as Psalm Two is a general messianic psalm whereas 83 mentions specific nations by name — psalm two doesn’t. I also think his identification of Garner as Galatia may not be correct — I favour Dr Sole-Harrison’s interpretation back in 1939 where he identified it as the Crimean Peninsular which Russia has recently annexed!

Despite these little reservations, (and none of us can be dogmatic on all the details of prophecy) I found the book most interesting as it centres on a popular prophetic subject. Furthermore, Russia’s present and increasing involvement in the Middle East makes it all the more poignant. A very interesting read.


Rev Colin Le Noury


Book Author: 
Dr Andy Woods