The Late Great United States

The Late Great United States

Mark Hitchcock

Yet another book by Mark Hitchcock who has established himself as a prolific and well researched prophecy writer. As always this is written in his very readable style and as such is easy to follow.

Hitchcock deals this time with a subject that has fascinated those who study prophecy — the role of the USA in end time events. He spends the first chapter biblically analysing whether the USA is mentioned in scripture but comes to no conclusion although he offers some interesting thoughts.

The book tries to answer such questions as will America survive? Is America still a blessed nation? What might be the USA’s final undoing?

Hitchcock makes a very genuine and honest attempt to answer some difficult questions and doesn’t allow patriotism to govern his thinking as some Americans have been known to do.

Americas relationship to both the Bible itself and to the Jewish people also figure in the writers thinking and the chapter on ’When God abandon’s a nation’ is both truthtul and hardhitting.

The subject of the USA’s role in end times is made difficult by the seeming scriptural silence on the matter. However, with honesty the writer arrives at seven final conclusions in relation to the USA which deserve some consideration.

I found it a most interesting book on a subject that cannot be ignored as the USA today is still the worlds one great super power.

Unfortunately the book is only available in hardback term which makes it somewhat more expensive but still worth every penny.

Well recommended.

Colin Le Noury
June 2010

Book Author: 
Mark Hitchcock