Cults And Isms: True Or False?

Cults And Isms: True Or False?


One would expect any book written by Alan & Pat Franklin would be well researched, informative and with clear cut conclusions. This would certainly be true of this examination of cults and isms. A most timely expose which every Christian should read in these days when false doctrine and apostasy are everywhere.

A detailed examination is made of all the false sects and organisations with tables detailing their beliefs along with a biblical refutation. These tables are most helpful, being very comprehensive and it is easy to examine a particular belief along with ’what the Bible says".

I personally found the chapter on Roman Catholicism most helpful along with the guide to Jehovah’s Witnesses beliefs and those of the Mormons — regular visitors to our doors. Reading these chapters will leave us better able to counter their arguments and lead them to Christ.

The chapter on ’Global Non-Warming’ could not be more topical, giving much information to deprogramme those we may know who have been brainwashed into belief in this myth.

’You must be born again’ is the fitting conclusion. Amen to that. A book you must read.

David Hoyle
April 2010

Book Author: 
Alan & Pat Franklin