Christ's Second Coming - Donald CB Cameron

Christ's Second Coming


Donald CB Cameron


This excellent little book on Christ's Second Coming looks at seven questions in relation to the event; Who, What, Why, How, When, Where and How we can be prepared?

As such it is a perfect introduction to the subject outlining simply but thoroughly God's prophetic plan in relation to the return of His Son. Following his answer to the first six questions posed above, the author proceeds to set out a comprehensive list of so called 'signs of the times' - topical evidence to support his belief in the immInence of that great event.

In part two of the book he begins to set out the Biblical evidence for the Lord's return, starting with the miracle of predictive prophecy and concluding with the Holy City - the New Jerusalem.

The third concluding part addresses question seven above and shows how we can all be ready for Christ's return.

As suggested in the blurb, the book is written specifically with young Christians, non-Christians and those on the fringe of Christianity, in mind. Although, as the author says, 'Others may find it helpful'.

I was privileged to write a forward for this book and therefore viewed the manuscript even before publication and so I can heartily recommend it.

Colin Le Noury
September 2018

Book Author: 
Donald CB Cameron