The Case For Zionism - Thomas Ice

Why Christians Should Support IsraelThe Case For Zionism

Thomas Ice

We are living in days of growing antisemitism which is widespread in our own country, in Europe, and indeed around the world. Much of this antisemitism stems from the political doctrine of anti-Zionism. Whilst these two things are not one and the same they are closely related and often entwined.

For that reason, this book by Thomas Ice of the Pre-Trib Research Group is immensely important. Dr Ice looks at the Biblical, historical and legal arguments for the legitimacy of the modern state of Israel.

He begins with an introduction of the subject clearly stating why Christians should support Israel. He then goes on to explain the term 'Zionism' going back to the days of Herzl and then explains the term 'Christian Zionism', its relevance and development and outlining the growing hostility even among evangelicals to Israel.

He then has chapters on the Biblical case for Israel, replacement theology and Jewish descendency. A further chapter based on Revelation 12 gives interesting insight on Israel's future as prophesied in Scripture.

A concluding chapter entitled 'Lovers of Zion' traces the church's attitude to the Jewish people over many centuries and concludes with an appeal to stand with Israel.

A helpful and informative book on the topical subject.

Colin Le Noury
January 2019


Book Author: 
Thomas Ice