Behold Your King

Behold Your KingMeditations in Matthew's Gospel

J.M. Flanigan

Christmas time is the season of the 'new born king'. As we reflect again on the incarnation and the birth of Christ the words of the old carol repeat in our minds - 'A new king born today'.

Matthew's gospel is essentially the gospel of the King. Along with Luke he is one of the evangelists who majors on the birth. Indeed he includes some birth narratives that cannot be found elsewhere, including the Wise Men, the Flight to Egypt, the Slaughter of the Innocents and Joseph's angelic dream.

This book by Jim Flanigan follows the story of the King beginning with his ancestral identity, moving on to the birth narratives and then tracing the theme of \kingship throughout the gospel.

The parables of the kingdom are dealt with helpfully along with two chapters on the Olivet Discourse outlining the return of the King.

His concluding chapter contains the words 'So our Meditations in Matthew's Gospel are concluded. It is indeed a right royal treatise concerning the King and the Kingdom'.

The book is essentially a commentary on Matthew but written in a devotional and readable manner. It is not new, but if you didn't get it the first time then it is a worthwhile purchase.


Colin Le Noury
December 2018


Book Author: 
J. M. Flanigan