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Bournemouth Prophecy Convention 2015

Our keynote speaker this year is Dr Stephen Boreland (Sunderland).

All evening meetings commence at 7.45pm except for Sunday which is 6.30pm.
All morning meetings are at 10.00 am except for Sunday which is 10.30am.
Dr Stephen Boreland's (evening) subjects -

Satuday 23rd May        - Possession of the Kingdom
Sunday 24th May         - Promise of the Kingdom
Monday 25th May        - Preaching of the Kingdom
Tuesday 26th May       - Postponement of the Kingdom
Wednesday 27th May - Prayer for the Kingdom
Thursday 28th May      - Preparation for the Kingdom
Friday 29th May           - Principles of the Kingdom

Other speakers at our convention include Rev Colin Le Noury, Dr Paul Wilkinson and Dr Don Hender. For details of our 2015 Convention, please click HERE.


PWMI Branch Meetings 2015

If you are a PWMI Branch secretary and are planning meetings in 2015, please use the PWMI Branch Meeting Planner form to have your meeting(s) printed in Prophetic Witness and on our website Calendar. Note: to be included on the website Calendar, please include a start and finish time for your meeting - thankyou.


Prophetic Witness

 May 2015 edition
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the vineyard of the lord

by Pastor Andrew D. Robinson

Isaiah 5:1-7 is a prophetic parable in which Israel is portrayed as a well established vineyard. The prophet uses agricultural imagery to describe God's lavish provision for His people. No expense or effort has been spared to guarantee the richest of harvests: the premier position, the best soil, the choicest of vines, and a permanent winepress are graciously provided. Israel also enjoyed a double hedge of protection (v5), and dwelt secure in the land, in the knowledge that the LORD was in her midst, keeping watch over His beloved people by day and by night (v2; cp Psalm 121).

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Living On Borrowed Time

The Imminent Return Of Jesus

by Dr David R. Reagan

Living On Borrowed Time

Living On Borrowed Time - This excellent book is sub-titled, ’The Imminent Return of Jesus', and as such it upholds the pre-tribulational viewpoint of the Rapture and shows that Christ may return for his church at any moment.

The book is well set out, divided into five sections. Part One deals with Scriptural Principles and covers the promise of His coming along with the challenges, timing and signs of His return. This opening section leaves the reader in no doubt about the core subject.

Part Two is an interesting and unique feature of the book — it is a prophecy forum. The author has contacted 22 well known names in the field of prophecy including Tim LaHaye, Mark Hitchcock, Caryl Matrisciana, David Hocking and former PWMI council member Ken Humphries to solicit their views on a number of interesting key questions on prophecy.

Part Three looks at key signs commencing with the re-establishment of Israel, referred to as the cornerstone miracle, and the Revived Roman Empire, along with spiritual apostasy and other signs.

Part Four brings a challenge to the church whilst Part Five assesses the timing of our Lord’s return. All in all this is an excellent, well written book by the founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries whose weekly television programme, ’Christ in Prophecy' is networked to 80 million homes across the USA. He is also a ’regular’ at the annual Pre-Trib Conference in Dallas. We have a limited quantity of this excellent and highly recommended book which will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

Colin Le Noury, General Director.

'Living On Borrowed Time' costs £8.50 + £2.00 p&p. Limited copies available.

Order from our Head Office address given on the bottom of this page.

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