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Prophetic Witness

 October 2015 edition
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the message of hosea's marriage

by Dr Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum


This Messianic Bible Study is a study of the first three chapters of the Book of Hosea, These chapters deal with Hosea’s marital problems and their application as a prophetic message to the people of lsrael.

God sometimes asked His prophets to do very strange things in order to get the attention of the people of Israel so that they could learn something: Isaiah, for example, was asked to walk naked for three years. Ezekiel was asked to lay on one side for so many days and then on his other side for so many days. These were actual, literal actions that the prophets were asked to do, but, at the same time, they were symbolic actions containing a message God was trying to get across to His people Israel. The same thing was true of Hosea, his marriage, and his family These were literal events that actually happened in the life of Hosea the Prophet while, at the some time, they were symbolic messages to the people of Israel, The history of the relationship between Hosea and his wife is similar to the relationship between Jehovah, the husband, and Israel, the Wife of Jehovah. As the message of Hosea’s marriage is studied, exactly what God was trying to relate to the people of Israel will be brought out.

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Understanding Christian Zionism

Israel's Place in the Purposes of God

by Dr Paul Wilkinson

Living On Borrowed Time

'For Zion's Sake: Christian Zionism and the Role of John Nelson Darby (Paternoster, 2007)' is still available under its new title 'Understanding Christian Zionism: Israel's Place in the Purposes of God', and is edited by Andrew D. Robinson. The text remains the same; only the cover and layout have changed.

This edition comes at a time when belief in the any-moment, pretribulation Rapture of the Church is under sustained attack, and the reputation of John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), the principal founder of the Plymouth Brethren and a man to whom we owe an enormous debt for recovering the truth of the Rapture, has been scurrilously maligned by members of the pro-Israel Church. We recommend this new edition to all who have not read the original.

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